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Family Website - 5 Years Later

Five years ago, I published our family Website. Although my intent was to update it on a quarterly basis, it is only now that I attempt to do so.

Over the past 5 years, I have received messages from family and strangers who have shared their thoughts and provided words of encouragement in the effort. I'd like to share some of these messages because they came as a surprise to me. When I set up the Website it was only to share information with my family. However, I have received inquiries and compliments from complete strangers. Some of these inquiries were in search of family links or just asking if I could assist with possible input from my research. Following are some of the emails that arrived in my box. I include them, in case someone can provide information on the inquiries.

"I enjoyed your compilation of the family history. Much of the history was new to me but a lot of it was exactly as I remembered. I visited the family in Mexico and I remember it vividly. Thank you for the presentation and all of the good memories." Charlie Hocker/ 2006

"I just came across your informative Rothenbach site. I am Peter Rothenbach and am a descendent of Johans (John) Rothenbach who settled in Philadelphia from Germany (Worms area we think) in the late 1890s. He was married to Elizabeth Sipp in Germany, moved to Philadelphia with their 3 children and had a few more children in Philadelphia.
Do you have any info on this John Rothenbach and his wife Elizabeth Sipp? I believe he was a stone mason. I've just started my genealogy research and have hit some deadends and am trying to see what others have found. The connection to your John Rothenbach would have been in Germany since it looks like yours was already in Wisconsin. Ironically, my son-in-law Dwayne Bublitz was born in Germantown, Wisconsin. I talked to his grandfather once and he said he knew a Rothenbach family there, probably your ancestors. There was also a Charles Rothenbach on my side, my father's uncle, who was a professional boxer in the 1920s using the name Charlie O'Neill." - Pete Rothenbach/2006

"I was just on your web site and just loved the pictures of your family and the photos of Hualahuises, NL. Thank you for putting this together it brought back great memories. I was born in Linares Nuevo Leon and lived in Hualahuises for 10 year before coming to Aurora , IL . I have always wanted to do what you have done but never have the time to dedicate to this project. My dad’s father designed and built El Puente Colgante (walking bridge that hangs from two giant Encinos). My grandfather’s name is Manuel Vazquez he was shot a day before he took over the as town’s President. Helena, Thanks again for putting this together." - Jesse B. Vazquez/ 2008

"I am Leroy Hallock’s son, Lawrence Hallock. I was in the Air Force (late 1980) in San Antonio , TX . When Uncle John, took me to see my Grandma Maria Rothenbach. That would be your Mom? The only other memory I have is a Christmas that Mom, Dad, Sister and I spent with her and some of her Daughters at a place where they had Horses and tortia with sugar or honey and cinnamon I think….. was a long time ago. I like the web pages you have! Will talk more another time." - Larry/ 2008

"hola, gracias por responder a mi mensaje, yo vivo en hualahuises,
y mi pregunta es ¿quienes son sus familiares que viven aqui en hualahuises?
¿hace cunato que no visita hualahuises? Me llamó la atención que en su pagina pusiera fotos antiguas de hualahuises que aqunque vivo aqui no había visto, como el kiosko de la plaza, el actual es muy diferente, tambien el puente colgante es nuevo, le adjunto unas fotos para que los vea, talvez ya los conozca. Receive a greeting from hualahuises" - Lic. Nora Aguirre Martínez/ 2009

"Espero que por tu madre hables español, me llamo Enrique Almeida Rothenbach ... he visto tu web page, las fotos y todo ... compartimos apellido, la familia de mi abuelo Gaspar Rothenbach es originaria del sur de Alemania, luego emigraron a la zona del Banato en la actual SErbia, donde nacio mi abuelo, el vino a Sudamerica en 1929 .... Me ha dado gusto ver la historia de tu familia ... Capaz somos parientes lejanos. un abrazo" - Enrique/ 2009

"I enjoyed your website tremendously. I happened to be surfing the internet, doing some light research of my own, and was pleased to find your site which brought back memories of my childhood during visits to the town of my father, Jose G. Trevino. Thank you for sharing your work and allowing me to see into your family history." - Tomas Trevino/2009

"Enjoyed looking through the pics and reading the different articles about the families on both sides of the family tree. As we were looking through the ones on the Rothenbach side, there was a pic of a couple on Album 4(I think?) labled "Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cash - Pearl Rothenbach son." We looked at it a couple of times. My Dad, Leroy Hallock, is sure that is a picture of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hallock (Josephine Rothenbach). She would be a sister of Vic, John, & Pearl (Cash) Rothenbach. Thank you for all the work you have put into this web site. I only remember seeing the Nacimientos(?) that your mom does 2 times in my life. I thought that they were so awsome. They were something that has stuck with me for many years. I think of them each year at Christmas when I see other nativity scenes... Dad did remember the pharmacy when he saw it. ...Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. Feliz Navidad y prospero ano nuevo." - Cindy (Hallock) Jeffrey/2009

"I read with interest your Rodriguez Family account on the internet. Although I now live in New Mexico, my parents and ancestry are also from the Hualahuises, Nuevo Leon, Mexico area. I sent an email yesterday, but I don't know if you received it. My father was José Torres Rodriguez and my mother was Sixta de Alejandro Martinez. I was wondering if my paternal grandmother, Magdalena Rodriguez, might be part of this Rodriguez family. Her parents were Ildefonso (Lupe) Rodriguez and Margarita Perez. Her husband was Florencio Torres. I am also trying to research my family ancestry and even if the Rodriguez are not from the same family, would you respond to this email?"-Sebero Torres/2010

I appreciate the communications I have received; hopefully I have been able to assist a few other geneologist in their quest for family knowledge. Please continue sending comments, data and sharing your findings. This Website has turned out to be more satisfying than I had expected. My intent is to add data as I come across it, so please revisit. Previous "Author" pages are stored in Archives.
Thank you!

Helena D. Rothenbach
3 June 2010


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