Charts and Ancestors








Pedigree Charts

The pedigree chart for the Rothenbach family shows 5 generations, reaching into the 1700s. The Chart begins with John Rothenbach. Chart for: Rothenbach Family

The pedigree chart for the Rodriguez family shows 6 generations and reaches into the 1700s. The Chart begins with Maria Rodriguez. Chart for: Rodriguez Family

Ancestors by Generations

The ancestral list begins with the children of John and Maria. It provides ancestors by generations, which correspond to individuals in the pedigree charts. Dates of birth, marriage and death are provided when known.     Ancestors

My Ancestors
"If you could see your ancestors
All standing in a row
Would you be proud of them or not
Or don't you really know?
Some strange discoveries are made
In climbing family trees
And some of them you know, do not
Particularly please.

If you could see your ancestors
All standing in a row,
There might be some of them perhaps
You wouldn't want to know
But there's another question, which
Requires a different view.
If you could meet your ancestors
Would they be proud of you?."

    - author unknown

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