German Family History

The German side of the family immigrated to America in the 1800s. They came from an area that is located left of the Rhine River. This area was under French rule until 1816 and may account for the French spelling of given names in the family.

The Rothenbach family came from Hessen-Darmstadt in 1857, and settled in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The Nix family (author's grandmother) emigrated in 1870 from Hessen-Darmstadt, and they too settled in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The Berg family (author's great-grandmother) came from Stettin, Germany.

The following links provide a brief history:

Rothenbach Family

Mexican Family History

The Mexican side of the family resided in the state of Nuevo Leon at least since 1800. The family lived in Hualahuises, a small town whose history begins with an Indian tribe by that name. Hualauises was established as a mission by the Spanish Friars. It evolved into a village and then a town.

Rodriguez Family

Your Name
"You got it from your father, it was all he had to give.
It's yours to keep and cherish for as long as you shall live.
It was clean the day he got it, and a worthy name to bear.
When he got it from his father, there was no dishonor there.
So protect and guard it safely, for when all is said and done,
You'll be proud the name is spotless when you give it to your son."

----- author unknown

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