Rothenbach Rodriguez ~ Album 5


John, Maya and Corrine
John, Maya Rodriguez and Corrine Powell

Family group picture
John and Maria and daughters - Isabel, Helena, Anna and Helia - 1977

Isabel, Helia, Maria and Helena

Family group picture
Family Gathering - Margarita Trevino, Mica Rotdriguez, John, Maria, Helia Rothenbach

Maria and John in Hawaii
John and Maria in Hawaii - 1975

Daddy, Mama and Aunt Maya with Helena and Maria (niece)
John, Maria, Maya; Helena and Maria Christmas 1976

Helena, John, Maria, Sean, Helia and Sam
Helena, John, Maria, Sean, Helia and Sam - Sean's Graduation - TJHSST - June 2000

Sean, Helia, Helena, with Mama at
Sean's Graduation- UVA - May 2004

Maria Moore, Sean White and Corrine Powell in Grandma's kitchen
Helena and Aunt Tana

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