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Linares lies a short distance from Hualahusies. As a child, Maria lived in Hualahuises and attended school in Linares. Here she became good friends with Maria de La Luz Salce, who later became Helena's Godmother.

The Salce family lived in Linares where Mr. Salce was a professor and the historian of the area. In recent years, his papers were donated to the University of Texas for their historical value of the local area.

Ma de la Luz owns and operates the local pharmacy located in the center of town. This has been in the family for decades.

Cart Under a Tree
Cart resting under a tree and out of the hot sun
Jacals on the Road to Linares - Roof-thathed homes
Jacals on the road to Linares - Thathed-roof homes
Farm House in a field of Pear-Cacti
Farm house in a field of prickly-pear cacti
Sean and Helena with Ma de la Luz and Husband Gernado
Sean and Helena with Ma de la Luz and husband Gernado

Botica Morelos - Pharmacy

Casino in Linares
Casino in Linares - across from the Plaza

(Above) Botica Morelos - Pharmacy is situated across from the Casino (picture on left) and from the plaza. It is adjacent to the home. This is a museum - quality building with unique hand- crafted wood doors and exquisite tiled floors.

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