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Children of Jose Rodriguez

Alejandro, Lucy and Mica - children of Jose Rodriguez live in Monterey, NL, Mexico and operate several retail venues in the Mercado (marketplace) de Monterey. Alejandro is deceased.

Their brother Guillermo lived in Torreon, Coah. where he resided with his family and worked for the Mexican government. Photos below are of his home, country club and granja (poultry farm). He continues to live in the area.

Alejandro Rodriguez with  his three children.  Helena nad Sean visit.
Alejandro, son of Jose with his 3 children. Helena and Sean visit her uncle at the mercado

Guillermo Rodriguez

Guillermo Rodriguez

Berta, Guillermo's wife with their 2 children, her sister and niece

Berta, Guillermo's wife with their 2 children (right) Berta's sister and niece

Country Club swimming pool
Swimming pool at the country club
Granja - chicken farm
Granja - chicken farm

Guillermo and Berta's children
Berta and Guillermo's children

Cousins and friends
Cousins and Friends

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